Dionysus Dissolving

Round 2 in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction competition.  My first story, Every Little Detail earned me 4 points out of a possible 15 (25 entries per group, only top 15 receive points, others all get zero. Round 2 same thing. Then you combine your scores and the top 5 in each group move on […]

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Every Little Detail

The NYCMIDNIGHT Flash Fiction 2014 round 1 assignment.  1000 words max in 48 hours. The story must include Genre: Crime Caper Location: Tobacco Shop Object: Pocket Mirror Thus we have:  Every Little Detail.   When planning the perfect caper, every little detail must be considered, but then again, there is no such thing as the […]

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2014 NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Round 1 entry Heat Requirements:  Political Satire, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Make-up Artist. LOGLINE ‘All’s fair in love and politics’– an adage applied to the hilt in this small town mayoral race.   FADE IN: INT. BARN, SMALL TOWN AMERICA – MORNING An errant streak of sunlight stabs MAYOR JED […]


F. E. A. R.

 NYC MIDNIGHT SHORT STORY CONTEST – R2/H2 –  2000 WORD LIMIT  DRAMA – REPORTER – OBSESSION An elusive musician invites a reporter to tread inside his secret world, praying that what he has struggled to release with art can finally be immortalized in words. F.E.A.R.   “No photographs and no real names,” the girl who called […]

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West awoke to blackness.  Not complete blackness, there were stars overhead.  Billions and billions.  West had never seen so many stars, too many stars . . .  Where am I? “Is she asleep?” “We’re joined at the neck, not the brain,” East snapped. West raised her left arm, the only one she could control, toward […]

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Temporary Detective

  “Johnny!” she cries,  “I’m at a loss for…” Spit it out baby”, he slaps her.  “If it’s words you’re looking for read this!” He shows her a copy of Temporary Detective*. “There’s lots of words inside.” “Thanks, Johnny,” she smiles, reaching for it. “Wrong, dollface,” he yanks it back.  “It’s a tough world.  Get […]

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The Bovine Laugh

“Do you like to laugh?” she asks me from the checklist on her clipboard.  What an odd question, I think.  Do I like to laugh?  Is she going to ask me to tell a joke?  I stare at her.  She stares at me. Her nametag reads:  My Name Is: Carol.  She wears a stern look.  […]

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